Quote Sheet Symbol Lookup

To use the symbol lookup feature in the Quote Sheet, first right click on the row you want to insert the symbol.  This will bring up the Quote Sheet menu.  Select the Symbol lookup option.



Once you complete your search, select your result and then click OK, the new symbol will be added to the quote sheet row you right clicked on.


Click the Search button to display a list of symbols matching your request.   You can select the new symbol by either double clicking on it in the list or by selecting it and clicking the OK button.  Once you do this, the window you are working on will change to the new symbol.



You can also lookup a symbol by company name.  Type in the beginning of the name and click the search button.  The lookup will automatically display a list of all symbols that start with the name you entered.  You can even lookup a partial name by typing as much information as you know into the dialog box and then selecting the Contains radio button.  Then, click the search button.


To display a list of symbols that have your request in any part of the name.